Project Management Office

Our PMO provides a full suite of services, tailored to your individual project needs and covers:
An experienced project management office (PMO) will improve your delivery results significantly.

We are able to work on larger programmes of multiple projects which help you to establish a roadmap and support your organisation in creating and embedding the right structure for success.
Processes and tools are often cited as being the panacea for project management delivery, however, critical to project management success are the softer skills associated with people and organisational nuances which achieve results.

Typically, we are appointed at the beginning of a project and will assist the client in developing the project brief and then selecting, appointing and coordinating the project team. We will usually then represent the client throughout the full development process managing the inputs from the client, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders.

bcuris offers a range of general project management services to ensure your project is delivered with a professional confidence.

Our full suite of delivery services include:
  • Attending client, design, project and site meetings
  • Issuing instructions on behalf of the client to the Professional Team in accordance with their appointments
  • Agree reporting and reporting procedures
  • Monitoring the performance of the Professional Team
  • Liaising with the Professional Team and preparing regular reports
  • Preparation of works liaison and advice
  • Design liaison and advice
  • Preparing and maintaining and project execution plan
  • Advising on suitable tenderers
  • Obtaining tender drawings and specifications
  • Pre and post-tender interviews
  • Liaison to progress design and contracting
  • Agree approvals required from the Professional Team
  • Convene and Chair regular site meetings
  • Obtain advice on quality, cost and programme effect of variations prior to the issue of instructions under the Building Contract.
  • Obtain authorisation from the client for additional costs.
  • Undertake regular site inspections and obtain progress reports.
  • Liaise with the Professional Team to make recommendations for interim payments
  • Liaise with the client and the Professional Team to prepare and maintain a handover plan
  • Liaise with the Client and Professional Team to prepare and maintain a defects administration plan and prepare recommendations for the Client’s approval.
  • Facilitate agreement to the final account from the parties to the Building Contract excluding the assessment of loss and expense claims and recovery of liquidated and ascertained damages.
  • Provide services for move to new premises
  • Provide Client services for fit out or direct works contracts
  • Provide services in connection with insurance claims
  • Facilitate, set up and manage value engineering exercises
  • Facilitate, set up and manage early warning and risk reduction meetings
  • Provide services for a two stage tendering process
  • Provide services for target cost and guaranteed maximum price contracts
  • Provide services for partnering and collaborative working contracts
  • Facilitate, set up and manage ‘lessons learned’ or other workshops
  • Act as the Client partnering advisor
  • Advise on the implications of developing different sites
  • Advise on the preparation of development appraisals
  • Advise on the implications of alternative development programmes
  • Obtain advice on project sustainability
  • Obtain life-cycle cost studies and estimates of annual running costs
  • Carry out off-site inspections of sub-contractors and suppliers premises
  • Provide advice on interpretation of contracts and contractual clauses
  • Liaise with the Client legal advisors and advise on the use and/or amendment of bespoke forms of contract or contribute to the drafting of particular Client requirements
  • Advise on the Contractors entitlement to extensions of time, prepare recommendations for Client approval
  • Advise on the cost, contractual and programme consequences arising from an accelerated instruction
  • Advise on the Contractor’s entitlement to loss and expense, analyse and report on the loss claims and prepare recommendations for approval.
  • Prepare documentation and/or provide advice to support adjudication proceedings and attend adjudication proceedings.
  • Prepare documentation and/or provide advice to support mediation proceedings and attend mediation proceedings. • Prepare documentation and/or advice to support arbitration and/or litigation proceedings.